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Position Name Group
Chairman of the Board Kyung-Sun Kang Seoul National University
President Hyung-Ryong Kim Dankook University
Vice Chairman Do-Hyun Nam Samsung Medical Center
Dong Keun Han CHA University
Dong-Youn Hwang CHA University
Se Jin Jang Asan Medical Center
Seung Joon Kim The Catholic University of Korea
(America) In-Hyun Park Yale University
(Europe) Andreas Kurts  Frauenhofer
Advisor Luke P. Lee Harvard Medical School
Auditor Soo-Kyung Koo Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency
Hyun Sook Lee Seoul National University

Board of Directors

Position Director Assistant Administrator
Chairperson of the Board Kyung-Sun Kang Seoul National University
Trustee Hansang Cho Sungkyunkwan University Soon Won Choi Seoul National University
Academic Se-Ran Yang Kangwon National University Hyung-Sik Kim Pusan National University
Editing Sungho Ko CHA University Dong Hyun Lee CHA University
Finance Man Ryul Lee Soon Chun Hyang University Hyun-Jik Oh MicroFIT Co., Ltd.
Planning Tae-Young Roh POSTECH Cho-Rok Jung Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology(KRIBB)
Public Relations Ki-Suk Kim Korea Institute of Toxicology Eun Mi Kim Korea Institute of Toxicology
Industrial Cooperative Jong-Man Yoo CHA University Mase Lee Dong Wha PHARM.CO.,LTD.
Foreign Cooperation Sung Won Kim The Catholic University of Korea Hyun-Soo Cho Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology(KRIBB)
International Cooperation Il-Ho Jang Pusan National University Jiwoo Lim Kyung Hee University
Organization Kyung-Rok Yu Seoul National University Jin-Ah Jang POSTECH
Legislation Eun-Ki Kim Korea Soongsil Cyber University Hyang-Ae Lee Korea Institute of Toxicology
Education Ki Taek Nam Yonsei University Ki Taek Lim Kangwon National University
Information Yong Jun Kim Kyung Hee University Wooram Park The Catholic University of Korea
Funding Jin-Hee Ahn Gwangju Institue of Science and Technology Sun-Ah Ok Rural Development Administration
Welfare Jin-Man Kim CHA University Ji Su Yoon Pusan National University
Technical Development Seok Chung Korea University Hyun-Ki Kim Yonsei University
Member Management Hyun-Jeong Ko Kangwon National University Yun Kyung Lee Soon Chun Hyang University


Committee Position Name Group
Science Committee General Committee Chairman Se-Ran Yang Kangwon National University
International Committee Chairman Bon-Kyoung Koo IMBA, AT
Assistant administrator Hyung-Sik Kim Pusan National University
Member Jeonghyun Kim Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency
Industrial Cooperative Committee Head Commisioner Dong-min Shin Merck KGaA
Member Yu-sung Jang Fisher Scientific Korea Ltd.
Member Kyung-Bae Park PerkinElmer, Inc.
Commercialization Strategy Committee Head Commisioner Choongseong Han NEXEL Co., Ltd.
Assistant Administrator Dong-Hun Woo NEXEL Co., Ltd.
Assistant Administrator Jungwook Kim NEXEL Co., Ltd.
Development Committee Head Commisioner Tae-Hyung Kim Chung-Ang University
Assistant Administrator Songwan Jin Korea Polytechnic University
Member Junghoon Park Macrogen Inc.
Yeonchul Jung Logos Biosystems,Inc.,
Research Ethics Committee Head Commisioner Chul-Hoon Kim Yonsei University
Assistant Administrator Sang-Mo Kwon Pusan National University
Member Jong-Kwon Lee Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
Standardization Committee Head Commisioner Hyuk Choi Korea University
Vice Commisioner Sun-ju Ahn Sungkyunkwan University
Assistant Administrator Mi-Sook No Korea Testing Certification Institute
Organizing Committee Head Commisioner Sungsu Park Sungkyunkwan University
Assistant Administrator Won-Gun Koh Yonsei University


Department Position Name Group
Drug Evaluation Department Head Commisioner Jong-Hoon Kim Korea University
Laboratory Animal Replacement Department Head Commisioner Han-Jung Chae Jeonbuk National University
Clinic Department Head Commisioner Jae-Yol Lim Yonsei University
Stem-cell Department Head Commisioner Kunyoo Shin POSTECH
Tumor Department Head Commisioner Young-Chang Lim Konkuk University
Digestive System Department Head Commisioner Ki Baik Hahm CHA University
Vice Commisioner Dakeun Lee Ajou University
Genom Department Head Commisioner Kyudong Han Dankook University
Vice Commisioner Sangsu Bae Hanyang University
Kidney Department Head Commisioner Yong Kyun Kim The Catholic University of Korea
Reproduction Department Head Commisioner Dong Ryul Lee CHA University
Optic Nerve Department Head Commisioner Jeong Hun Kim Seoul National University
Organ-on-chip Department Head Commisioner Noo Li Jeon Seoul National University
Vice Commisioner Hong Nam Kim KIST
Bronchial Tubes Department Head Commisioner Seok-ho Hong Kangwon National University
Dentistry Department Head Commisioner Tae-Sung Jeong Pusan National University
Vice Commisioner Sunyoung Kim Seoul National University
Preclinical Trial Department Head Commisioner Seong Jin Baek Croen Research Inc.,, CRI
Nanotechnology Department Head Commisioner Pilhan Kim KAIST
3D Bioprinting Department Head Commisioner Hyun-Wook Kang UNIST
Vice Commisioner Jin-Ah Jang POSTECH
Biological Information Department Head Commisioner Junhyung Park 3BIGS,Inc
Vice Commisioner Heon Yung Gee Yonsei University
Regenerative Medicine Department Head Commisioner Jung-Tae Do Konkuk University
Nerve Department Head Commisioner Yoon Ha Yonsei University