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Dear members of The Organoid Society,

This is Hyung-Ryong Kim, the president of The Organoid Society.

It is truly great honor for me to serve as the president of The Organoid Society. As the society’s representative, I feel that it is my duty to serve and lead the society for betterment.

The Organoid Society was established in 2018 with the goals of strengthening the field of organoid research and advancing its wide range of applications, such as modeling organ development and disease, drug discovery, tissue engineering, personalized treatment, and regenerative medicine, which are physiologically relevant and amenable to real-life applications with implications for the well-being of the global community.

With great pride and challenging sprit, we have established the world’s first Organoid Society. It started with the Promotion Conference in May 2018 which led to the inaugural academic conference in November 2018. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the senior scholars and colleagues for their dedicated efforts, and to the members who helped the society in both material and spiritual ways.

The Organoid Society, a leading society among the life sciences, strives to provide encouragement and promote communication.

Starting this year in 2021, as part of many activities, we are excited to announce the launch of a new, online, open access journal titled "Organoid". We received an ISSN number, and launched our website: https://j-organoid.org/. However, it requires time and effort for registration in Pubmed and SCIE.

Historian Dr. Arnold Toynbee said that the history of mankind is a history of “challenge and response” stating that humanity has “come to birth and proceed to grow by successfully responding to successive challenges.”

Brain organoids were selected as one of the top 10 Breakthrough Technologies selected by MIT in 2015, and organoid technology provides an in-depth understanding of human developmental processes and disease pathogenesis, as well as validation of efficacy and safety of drugs when developing new drugs. We will dramatically develop the nation's overall industry as a national growth engine in the life science field and bio-medical technology development business by utilizing it for the development of artificial organs for treatment and regeneration of damaged organs.

In the rapidly changing R&D environment in the era of the 4th industrial revolution, the health care industry is pursuing personalized disease treatment. The basic research direction is also pursuing creative research, improving the quality of life experienced by the people, and accelerating innovative growth to prepare for the future.

The Organoid Society will solidify its position as an international society leading the development of future life sciences in Korea and around the world, and will spare no effort to support the academic activities, new education, and new technology of its members. As a happy society where people share and communicate with each other, we will strive to become a society where warm-hearted people can meet and have a cup of tea.

We would like to advance the field of organoid research with the following goals.

First, we will create an open research environment by laying the groundwork for interdisciplinary joint research together with outstanding members.

Second, we will try to be registered as SCIE journals by systematizing academic conferences and academic journals along with the recruitment of many new members.

Third, we will lay the foundation for the development of the society by nurturing talented people together with our members and establishing excellent researcher awards so that we can nurture young researchers who will lead the future of the society.

We ask for your active support and guidance to become the world's best organoid society in the future. We sincerely hope that the Nobel Prize will come out through the organoid society in 5 years, 10 years, and 20 years.

In addition, I believe that our society will play a leading role to influence the world in the near future. On behalf of The Organoid Society, I would like to express gratitude to all our members who strive to be pioneers in the field for The Organoid Society.

We thank you for your support and wish you good health and success in this challenging time.

With my best regards,

Mar. 1st, 2019
The President of The Organoid Society
Hyung-Ryong Kim