Call for Abstracts

The Organoid Society invites all the researchers in the field of Organoids to submit abstracts for poster presentation.
Abstracts describing new research advances in the various fields of organoid researches as well as ethical and regulatory issues are warmly welcomed. Please note that the deadline for abstract submission is October 12, 2020
All abstracts must be submitted online via our website using the online submission form.
You will complete the registration, by clicking "Submit abstract."
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Please make sure your abstract is on time and in the right format by following the abstract guidelines.

Abstract Submission Deadline : October 12, 2020

Abstract Acceptance : October 16, 2020

Abstract Guidelines

  1. The deadline for abstract submission is October 12, 2020.
  2. Advertisement of a commercial product or service is not permitted.
  3. Select the type of category in which you wish to present.
  4. Since titles are limited to 250 word or 2000 characters including spaces, please keep your title concise and informative and only use capital letters for the beginning of a sentence or an acronym/name.
  5. List all the contributing authors' name in full, and indicate the presenting author.
    Please note the email address supplied when you submit your abstract will be used for all correspondence pertaining to the abstract.
  6. Addresses should be provided in the following format: Department, Institute, Organization, Town/City and Country
  7. You can submit multiple abstracts. However, only one entry on the best poster is possible. Posters submitted on the poster must be announced by the presenting author.
    Best poster application is possible on My Page.
  8. Your abstract will appear in print as submitted. Please ensure that you check your data carefully before submitting as changes or additions will not be permitted after the Call for Abstracts closes.
  9. The acceptance letter will be mailed to the presenting authors, no later than OCT 16, 2020. If you do not receive a notification for your poster presentation by OCT 17, 2020, please contact